FAQs about data

Please read Co-Parent Hub’s Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions for full information on how Co-Parent Hub uses your data.


What are my rights where data is concerned?”

  • It’s your right to be forgotten. This right is not absolute, but you can make this request verbally or in writing to this email address: innovations@cafcass.gov.uk. In this event, your personal data will be deleted and removed from our records.
  • Your data is anonymous unless you choose to add personal information to Co-Parent Hub. To remain anonymous, you can use a non-identifying email address when you sign up. You can also choose not to complete your personal profile.
  • If you want to see what data we’re collecting, or if you want some data to be removed, just ask us by emailing innovations@cafcass.gov.uk. It’s your right.
  • You also have the right to ask for all the personal data held by OnePlusOne and Cafcass by making a subject access request. Please see Cafcass’ Privacy Notice for further information.


“Why do you collect data?”

  • Cafcass wants to understand if the Co-Parent Hub Service is helpful for you when making arrangements for your children. Co-Parent Hub is being trialled and Cafcass is collecting data for the purposes of research and evidence; to understand the potential impact of Co-Parent Hub.
  • If you add personal information, this may be used to understand what impact Co-Parent Hub has had in your case.


“How long do you keep my data for?”


“Who gets to see my data?”

  • Cafcass researchers/analysts only work through the data in the strictest of circumstances, to help understand the impact of Co-Parent Hub.
  • If you add personal information to Co-Parent Hub, information may be placed on your case file and, if relevant, could be referred to in your case by the Cafcass worker. Cafcass will not share your information further unless the information raises concerns about the safety of an adult or child, in accordance with Cafcass’ Child Protection Policy.


“How do I know it’s safe?”

  • We’re Cyber Essentials Plus accredited, which means our infrastructure has been rigorously tested and held to the highest standards.
  • Data lives on a secure and encrypted database on AWS (Amazon Web Services) in London, England.

If you have questions or concerns about security, please email innovations@cafcass.gov.uk.